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2020 Daegu Christmas Fair


The 2020 Daegu Christmas Fair has begun.

Let's watch the live scene together. 

Well, maybe it's because it's a Christmas fair, but I could see trees everywhere.

It was so pretty.~~!!

It's snowing. I think the atmosphere of the house will be different if we have this tree mini-me at home.

This is why you buy interior accessories! 

According to the categories of participating companies, there are Christmas props, kitchenware, and lifestyle fashion in the home deco.

Maybe that's why I saw this cute key ring and bag.  

And I could see these kitchenware, and I could see a little bit of furniture.  

here's a booth like this.

Since my family is coming to this fair, I think my mothers can see and live.

And since this Christmas fair itself is a project to support Daegu Buk-gu Office, it offers small business owners in Buk-gu who lack the ability to promote their products and develop their markets! So I think there are many companies in various categories.

There was a jewelry lab like this, and it looked fun!

And can you see the flowers in the back?

You can't see it?

I think so, so I'll zoom in on the picture!

They've got sculptures like this.

I will be your own Santa for Daegu citizens!

I think the way they made it out of flowers means walking only on the flower path. 

And the ANI canvas that stood out.

It's an LED fiber-optic frame, but the frame looks different depending on the brightness of the surrounding area!

It's still pretty, but I think it'll be pretty if it depends on the brightness.

I'd like to have one in my room right now.

And a feeding event!

This is the largest booth at GMPholdings Holdings Co., Ltd.

The prize was huge and it was crowded with free participation!

Let's wrap up the hot Christmas Fair story here!

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