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2020 Daegu Christmas Fair Mouse MP Holdings Story

Hello, we're MPM Holdings.

We participated in the exhibition 'Christmas Fair' which was held in Daegu EXCO from December 10th to December 13th.

I came back safely yesterday.~~~

So I'd like to post a review of it.

The fair started on Thursday, but our staff went and prepared it on Tuesday.

The Daegu EXCO site was empty like this!

We've worked hard to decorate this place.

We worked so hard to make a tree photo zone next to us!

We start hanging banners.

Isn't it so pretty?

We came up with our own ideas and made it into a photo zone by hand.

And the gifts are wrapped up for the citizens of Daegu.

And all done, Mouse MP Holdings Aniseller's Booth!

People in Daegu really liked the dice game!

Especially the kids.

I gave you a mask even if you win!

If you win the dice game with our staff, we will give you a KF94 mask.

We've given you a dental mask as much as you can lose!

Some people won by 7 points and got 7 KF94 masks!

Children, families, couples, etc.

We were so happy that everyone loved it and we were so happy together!

I hope many people will enjoy the next exhibition and exhibition.

And the group shot of our MJ MP Holdings staff!

Wearing a distinctively lime-colored sweatshirt!Hahaha

I'm quarantined!

We will work hard for quarantine until the end of Corona.

See you at the next fair!~~ Bye~~~

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