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2020 Busan Home Living & Household Goods Exhibition

Hello, we are GMPHolidings.

Mice MP Holdings also participated in the 2020 Busan Home Living & Household Goods Exhibition.

We will check the live scene from 11.26 (Thursday) to 11.29 (Sunday).


I arrived a day before the exhibition, and they said the weather was nice. 

We're going to be part of course.

Busan Home Living & Household Goods Exhibition

It was held once in the first half of the year, but it was held again this time. Haha

Shall we take a look at the current status of the exhibition?


I took this picture as soon as I opened it yesterday, the first day of the exhibition.

So there weren't many people yet, so I liked taking pictures.

They sell things like packaging containers and they can see kitchen utensils!

I saw some cute interior items.

I see socks and doll rings.

I think accessories will be really cute, too!

It looks a lot. the Housewares Show says it's practical.Haha

Even this chair with unique design!

It's cute~~~

The exhibition is definitely fun to watch. ~~

I see wooden furniture.

I'm thinking of putting a wooden table at the table when I get home-cooked later.

I don't know when my house will be built.

Even the sofa that looks soft!

Aren't the chairs in the middle very cute? Haha

That's cute. I want that.

This big frame and clock watch.

Because of polished.

Atmospheric transport, it turned out all the lights at home seemed possible, too!


It's a fiber optic frame!

They say that the frames look different depending on the brightness of the surrounding area.

Oh~~~~ That's amazing.

If you like mood lights, I think you'll like these frames, too!

And if you're tired of mood lights, you'll feel like you're overseas when you lie down with a frame like this. LOL

I can't even go on a trip because of Corona. Let's feel it like this.

The two bears were cute, too. Haha

It looked good to hang in the room as an interior item.~~

I want it, too.

The back of the bear is cute.


And now we're living in a world where we can't miss anything.

I could see the mask thermometers!

What a special discount!

When I searched on the internet, the lowest price of the Coco T1 contactless thermometer was 88,000 won.

Because of Corona, temperature measurement is a must these days! If you don't have one at home, I think it would be profitable to buy one!

Then we looked into the Busan Home Living & Household Goods Exhibition in the second half of 2020!

It is said that it is operated by following the Corona quarantine rules thoroughly.

If you're thinking about where to go on the weekend, it wouldn't be bad to go to an exhibition or an exhibition!

Then, bye~~~~

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