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CEO Greeting

We will do our best to be a trusted company that constantly conducts research.  

Thank you for visit our GMPHolidings website. 

The pandemic has led to a series of losses.
We all share the people's sorrow, 

do our utmost to help the people. 

To prevent situation that people line their pockets with panic buying, out of stock, and price bubbles, 

we're planning responsible management with professionalism.

Our major business is R&D for equipment related to preventing infectious diseases.

We will do our best to become a company that is loved and respected by customers.

We will be a loyal company for the people with rational management and active investment. 

Please keep watching out for GMPHolidings Co.,ltd

Thank you.

GMPHolidings Co.,ltd CEO


You can ask online.

We will respond kindly.

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